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This will never happen with our Service. This is because we Never Use File Sharing which makes you vulnerable to others seeing what you downloaded, Adware/Spyware being added to your computer and Hackers who could take over your computer and add Viruses like W32. Blaster. worm or Worse!

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All of the hundreds of fast servers you will go to when you Signup with us are on 24 hours a day and you will never lose a download! A big drawback when buying a Software CD is once you receive the Software CD and break the seal for the software it is non-returnable and non-refundable.

It does not make any difference if you never installed the software on your computer or have removed it from your computer after discovering the software was not right for you (even after the shortest period of time). All the companies that sell software CD's will tell you it is non-refundable once the seal for the software is broken. Just check the fine print on all Sites that sell Software CD's and you will see it is true. Just about everyone has bought software they did not like or feel was not worth the price at one time or another.

Can you afford to take such a chance on expensive software? Frankly we feel this policy for software CD's is just not fair and you should be allowed to exchange software or get your money back for software you did not like after using it. We feel our solution to this potentially expensive problem you could face is much better. With our software download service for less than you pay for just one software title with the other software companies, you are able to download lots of other popular software.

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You go directly to our software download page instantly after signup and be able to start downloading the latest versions of all software. There is No buying restrictions, No old software 3 to 5 years old to cause problems like Photoshop 6 or Photoshop 7 (although we offer Photoshop 7 free of charge to members who still have Windows 98 or MAC and can't use a newer version), No Academic versions of software are ever substituted (Academic versions often have fonts, clip art and other features removed to differentiate it from the full retail version, Plus you need to show valid evidence of current enrollment at a school including valid photo identification if you buy Academic versions from an authorized software company), No bundled OEM Software which was intended to be sold only with certain computers and therefore does not contain all drivers and install features to work properly with other computers, No quickly outdated software CD to worry about, No waiting for software to arrive, No Taxes, No transaction fee to process order, No Contracts, No hidden fee's, No Lease Periods to worry about, No verification of eligibility is required, No long complicated risky upgrades from old software versions which could overwrite important Windows files with older versions and risk causing Windows problems to finally get the latest software version (Example of what to avoid: Companies that sell you Photoshop 6 which is 5 years old and Upgrade to Photoshop CS2 bundled together), No Download Manager required, No obligation to buy more, No time limits that expire and the Software Never Locks Up. Have you ever read great reviews of the newest software and really wanted the software now and then looked at the price and discovered it's a paycheck or so out of reach? Sometimes it's just easier to see everything in your price range at once.

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